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The Dream Matchup - Shaq Davis and Travis Hunter, are on a Collision Course to Atlanta

Before North Carolina Central's game against South Carolina State State, Coach Trei Oliver said South Carolina State was the best football team in the MEAC. He said, "There are only six teams in the conference, so you can't lose a game, and I think they're the best team in the conference right now." He also gave high praise to Bulldogs' wide receiver Shaquan Davis. Coach Oliver said, "Shaq Davis… he is the most dominant player in the conference. He's got the size, and he's got the speed, he's got the body control, and (he has) very strong hands." Coach continued, "I don't even want to watch the South Carolina game anymore because he gave those guys the business… he's just a man amongst boys." Shaq Davis would love to hear those words from Coach Oliver. Davis told MTMV in an interview this off-season that he was looking forward to playing against South Carolina. He said, "I'm a South Carolina kid, and I got a point to prove."

Shaq Davis became a household name at last year's Celebration Bowl as he torched the Jackson State secondary with five receptions, 95 yards, and three touchdowns. He went viral after doing Coach Deion Sanders' signature dance in the end zone. Davis walked away from Atlanta with the respect and admiration of the entire HBCU football world and the Celebration Bowl Offensive MVP trophy. Davis is a 6'5, 215lb freak of nature who currently leads the MEAC in yards with 584 and receiving touchdowns with 8. Davis is also one of the humblest stars you can engage with, as he openly talks about flaws in his game.

When Travis Hunter signed with the Jackson State Tigers, immediately the HBCU world wanted to know one thing … can he stop Shaq Davis? It looks like the stars are aligning for SWAC and MEAC fans to get an answer to that question. Jackson State appears to be the best team in black college football, let alone the SWAC. In comparison, South Carolina State has the talent and the coaching to run the table in the MEAC. Their biggest test was North Carolina State, and Shaq Davis' six catches for 116 yards helped to solve that problem last Saturday. As Coach Oliver said in last week's press conference, "Don't be fooled by their record...". South Carolina State and Jackson State are on a collision course for Atlanta. What's great about this possibility is that Hunter is now healthy and has found his way to the offensive side of the ball. In Jackson State's last outing, he caught four passes. Hunter will get a test against August Pitre of Southern this weekend, last week's offensive player of the week. Southern is riding high on a winning streak. I'm certain Southern will want to make him prove that he truly is the "best cornerback in the SWAC." If the Bulldogs and the Tigers square off again in the Georgia Dome, there may not be an empty seat in the house.


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