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The Ladies Are Buzzing: The 2023 WNBA Draft Is Here!

The WNBA draft is Monday April 10th, 2023, at 7:00pm and will be aired on ESPN, and the ESPN app. With the high level of basketball coming into this year’s draft, woman hoops are on the rise. In the WNBA pre-draft conference call, Rebeca Lobo was asked to comment on the views from the NCAA Championship Game record numbers this year and she said “We are riding a momentum, hopefully the buzz carries over to the W. The level of play is living up to the hype, meeting what expectations one may have. The woman are not disappointing”.

We have some hoopers coming into the draft this year, the top 10 prospects are; Aliyah Boston (South Carolina), Diamond Miller (Maryland), Jordan Horston (Tennessee), Stephanie Soares (Iowa State), Maddy Siegrist (Villanova), Haley Jones (Stanford), Brea Beal (South Carolina), Laeticia Amihere (South Carolina), Grace Berger (Indiana), and Ashley Jones (Iowa State).

Lachina Robinson Stated that "this draft is for shooters". Rebecca Lobo said she’s excited to see Aliyah Boston play in the W with the WNBA Rules. “Diamond Miller is pro ready, her approach to the game, her preparation and her mentality,” said Lachina. Rebecca added that when she was covering the bubble and watching Diamond and said, “She’s a pro, her size, her length and she has gotten stronger”.

Both Rebecca and Lachina spoke about how Zia Cook (South Carolina), Alexis Morris (LSU), and Jordan Horston (Tennessee) played in the tournament and can have the opportunity to come in and make a difference. Zia is a tenacious player Lachina stated and Rebecca said, “she’s a player who can get her own shot”. President Greg Bibb of the Dallas Wings stated “Jordan Horston’s size will allow her to be a versatile player in this league” and Cheryl Reeve President of Basketball Operations of Minnesota Lynx added Jordan sees herself in his league.

Speaking of shooting shots, Rebecca said, “Don’t sleep on Maddy” and Lachina added that she can flat out shot the basketball. So much excitement, joy, and some great basketball for this upcoming draft class. Good Luck to all who have entered their name into the 2023 WNBA Draft.


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