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The MTMV Huddle Up Show Week 10 Picks

The MTMV Huddle Up crew is back with their week 10 NFL picks. You will not want to miss the game breakdowns and the picks, stay tuned!

  1. Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray will duke it out in a fabulous Thursday night brawl between two of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL. This could also be a potential preview of a late-round playoff matchup, the young Murray never gives up much like the Veteran Wilson. The first game of the week has all the makings of game of the week, be sure to tune in Thursday night at 8:20 PM EST.

Will Smith- Seahawks

Tha Voyze- Cardinals

Jeremiah Thomas- Cardinals

Miles Austin- Seahawks

Vonora Lewis- Cardinals

2. New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans

The Patriots are not the same Tom Brady team they were for the better part of the past 20 years. Cam Newton has shown flashes of greatness, but never long term. The same statement can be used against DeShaun Watson and his 2-7 record Texans. Don't sleep on the matchup, it could be a good game.

Will Smith- Texans

Tha Voyze- Patriots

Jeremiah Thomas- Patriots

Miles Austin- Patriots

Vonora Lewis- Patriots

3. Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

Both teams tied with a 6-3 record, A hungry Derrick Henry and a fierce Lamar Jackson who comes off back to back heartbreaking losses. Henry is what holds the Titans together, Tannehill is alright. If the Ravens can hold Henry to minimal yards, which is not easy, that is the only way they will stay in this ballgame. Titans need to stop Lamar Jackson on the run, this game looks like which team has the better rush defense, Sunday we will find out.

Will Smith- Ravens

Tha Voyze- Ravens

Jeremiah Thomas- Titans

Miles Austin- Titans

Vonora Lewis- Ravens

4. Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Aaron Rodgers and his 7-2 Packers will travel to take on Phillip Rivers and his 6-3 Colts. Phillip Rivers continues to age like fine wine, throwing 11 touchdowns and completing 66% of his passes at the age of 38, 39 in less than a month. The opposing side can feature the same for Aaron Rodgers throwing 26 touchdowns to just three interceptions. At age 36, having a birthday next month like Rivers will make Rodgers 37. These quarterbacks have the talent to play deep into their career like Tom Brady. Sunday we will see who wants it more.

Will Smith- Colts

Tha Voyze- Packers

Jeremiah Thomas- Packers

Miles Austin- Packers

Vonora Lewis- Packers

5. Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are without Drew Brees for a long time, at least five weeks. Five, also the number of fractured ribs the veteran quarterback Brees has, along with a punctured lung. Winston will start for the Saints, he showed what he is capable of in Tampa Bay and it leaves a lot to be desired. The Falcons and an aging Matt Ryan will look to sneak out with a victory in New Orleans.

Will Smith- Saints

Tha Voyze- Saints

Jeremiah Thomas- Falcons

Miles Austin- Saints

Vonora Lewis- Saints

6. Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Patrick Mahomes and the one-loss Chiefs will travel to Las Vegas to take on a hot Derek Carr. Carr has looked like a different quarterback most of this season. Enter Patrick Mahomes with a 25 touchdown to one interception ratio. Love or hate Mahomes, you have to give him credit, the kid has unforeseen talent.

Will Smith- Chiefs

Tha Voyze- Chiefs

Jeremiah Thomas- Chiefs

Miles Austin- Raiders

Vonora Lewis- Chiefs


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