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The Philadelphia Eagles may go undefeated against NFC teams on their way to Super Bowl LVIII

Jalen Hurts celebrates Super Bowl Berth
Jalen Hurts and the Eagles celebrates their Super Bowl XLII berth. Picture adapted from Jalen Hurts Instagram Page

The Philadelphia Eagles are playing Madden 24 in Franchise Mode on Rookie and it’s simply does not seem fair to the other NFC teams. After last year's success and their offseason moves, The Philadelphia Eagles have emerged as the anticipated favorites to represent the NFC in Super Bowl LVIII. Following their recent signing of linebackers Zach Cunningham and Myles Jack, their chances of going back to the Super Bowl seem even greater. After their loss 38-35 loss in Super Bowl LVII to the Chiefs, the Eagles have revamped the roster for the 2023-24 season and are poised to dominate every NFC team on their way to another Super Bowl Appearance. 

Jalen Hurts prays in end zone
Jalen Hurts will be giving God thanks all-season long for the way they are about to walk through opponents. (Picture adopted from Jalen Hurts IG Page)

Through a combination of strategic draft selections, high-profile signings, and a return of valuable Pro Bowl players, the Philadelphia Eagles have achieved an impressive lineup. Returning Pro Bowl players include Quarterback Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown at Wide Receiver, Lane Johnson at Left Tackle, Landon Dickerson playing Guard, Center Jason Kelce, Haason Reddick as one of the league's best Outside Linebackers, and Cornerback Darius Slay . These players alone could put them in contention for best team in a weak NFC, but thanks to GM Howie Roseman its gets even better as you look at the other weapons the Eagles bring to the table. 

The Eagles' savvy draft choices have further solidified their claim as the best team in the NFC. In the 2022 and 2023 drafts, they focused on securing talents from the University of Georgia (UGA), a strategy that paid off tremendously. In 2022, they made an exceptional choice in selecting DT Jordan Davis at pick 13 and LB Nakobe Dean at pick 83. These young men have yet to make a huge impact for the Eagles but the Eagles expect major contributions from them this season. Strengthening the team further, the 2023 draft saw the addition of the UGA players DT Jalen Carter, drafted 9th overall, LB Nolan Smith, chosen 30th overall, and Fourth Round pick, CB Kelee Ringo. These decisions not only demonstrate exceptional judgment by the Eagles' management but also augment their defensive depth.

DeAndre Swift prays at UGA
DeAndre Swift will be an amazing addition to the 2023 Eagles Roster (Picture adopted from Twitter)

This impressive development trend continued into the offseason. The Eagles masterfully negotiated the signing of Running backs DeAndre Swift (a UGA alumni) from the Detroit Lions, and Rashaad Penny from the Seattle Seahawks. The return of DE Brandon Graham, CB James Bradberry, and DT Fletcher Cox further solidifies the Eagles' standing entering the new season.

However, it's not all sunny in Philadelphia; they suffered significant losses, too. Miles Sanders, the former do-it-all running back, and C.J. Gardner-Johnson, a remarkably versatile energy-inducing Safety, departing the roster represent key losses that the Eagles hopefully have addressed this off-season. Balancing proven veterans and promising rookies, the team has created a dynamic line up; however, the challenge lies in filling the gaps left by these departures.

Despite the setbacks, the prognosis for the team's ultimate achievement remains positive. The Eagles' current lineup, representing a blend of seasoned professionals, promising draft picks, and strategic new signings, suggests the distinct possibility of a Super Bowl berth in their future. The discerning moves made by the organization throughout the offseason have fostered a squad full of potential, one that is more than capable of representing the NFC in Super Bowl LVIII. This final “icing on the cake” move of signing two formerly great linebackers is reminiscent of their move last year when they signed Defensive Tackles Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph.  

While PFF gives the The Eagles a 10.2 projected win total based on them having the 10th toughest schedule in the league. With their talent and depth it seems more likely that barring injuries, the Eagles will lose only two games this season. If they drop an additional one it could be to the Cowboys in December, but only the Jets and the Chiefs truly pose a huge threat to the collection of talent on this Eagles roster. They could go undefeated against NFC opponents this season. They should also beat the underachieving Bills and last year's biggest overachievers, the Miami Dolphins. They could be 15-2 heading into the playoffs as the NFC's number one seed, again.

Eagles trio is poised for great numbers this season
The dynamic threesome will give defense fits this season.

In conclusion, the Philadelphia Eagles are undoubtedly situated to be significant contenders for the coming season, mainly due to their successful offseason activities. Their consistent draft strategy, combined with valuable signings and the return of key Pro Bowl players, has undoubtedly solidified their roster. Though the losses of Miles Sanders and C.J. Gardner-Johnson are significant, the Eagles' improved lineup is undeniably well-positioned to weather these departures. The Eagles also are in a weaker conference and their only major competition will be the San Francisco 49ers, who have serious questions at quarterback, the Dallas Cowboys who not only have questions at running back, but have leadership issues with the team seemingly not believing in QB Dak Prescott, and the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are led by Derek Carr but have far too many questions at this point to be seen as a serious contender. This is a new season in the NFL so you are never sure which teams will emerge. To be honest no one could have even predicted the amount of success the Eagles would have had last year, save Derrick Myers of OTS. This year however, there will be no one doubting the Eagles, and ever other NFC team will get sick of hearing, "Fly Eagles Fly.", by November. 


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