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The Pittsburgh Steelers 1st Mock After Acquiring Justin Fields and Russell Wilson - Weapons Galore

Steelers Nation and Football Fans Alike! Today, we’re breaking down the Pittsburgh Steelers’ mock draft picks with an eye on strategic fortification and long-term planning. This draft reflects not just a response to last season’s challenges but a proactive approach to upcoming seasons.

Let’s dive into the details.

First Round, Pick 20: Starting off strong with Brock Bowers out of Georgia. This is a pick that screams versatility and offensive firepower. Bowers is not just any tight end; he’s a multifaceted weapon that Russell Wilson will find invaluable. The Steelers are sending a clear message with this pick: the offense is about to become a lot more dynamic. Grade: A+

Second Round, Pick 51: Next up, we have Braden Fiske, a defensive interior from Florida State. This pick is about strengthening the core, quite literally. Fiske is a powerhouse who can anchor the defensive line, disrupt plays, and apply pressure that’s been missing. It’s a solid pick that fortifies the Steelers’ defensive front. Grade: A-

Third Round, Picks 84 and 98: On the offensive line, the Steelers select Patrick Paul from Houston and Cooper Beebe from Kansas State. These selections are strategic investments in the future of the team’s offensive infrastructure. Protecting the quarterback is paramount, and these picks signal a commitment to enhancing pocket security and running lanes. While Beebe might seem like a reach to some, remember, development is key in these middle rounds. Grades: B+ for Paul, D- for Beebe.

Fourth Round, Pick 119: Javon Baker, wide receiver from UCF, is a name to remember. With the departure of Diontae Johnson, Baker’s role cannot be understated. He’s got the hands, the routes, and the speed. This pick could very well be the steal of the draft. Grade: A+

Sixth Round, Picks 178 and 195: Rounding out with Austin Reed, quarterback from Western Kentucky, and Frank Gore Jr., halfback from Southern Miss. Reed is an intriguing prospect who could develop into a valuable asset under Wilson and Fields. Gore Jr. brings legacy and potential depth to the running game. These are smart, low-risk, high-reward picks. Grades: A+ for Reed, C- for Gore Jr.

In summary, the Steelers’ draft strategy is a masterclass in balancing immediate needs with future prospects. They’ve addressed critical positions with an eye towards creating a more dynamic and resilient team. This is a franchise thinking several moves ahead, setting the stage for success in the upcoming season and beyond.”

Channeling Ryan Wilson’s depth of analysis and forward-thinking perspective, this mock draft breakdown highlights the strategic nuances of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ selections, painting a picture of a franchise poised for rejuvenation and long-term competitiveness.

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