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The Return of The NHL

The Stanley Cup Final was set to end a month ago, but in a historic first we are going to get summer hockey for the NHL!

The tournament is set up for round-robin teams to determine seeding. The top seed then jumps into the qualifying rounds.

My predictions for the Round Robin is round is that the Bruins come out on top with the number one seed in the East followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers.

Out of the West, we will have the defending champion St. Louis Blues as the number one seed with the Avalanche taking the 2nd, Vegas Golden Knights with the 3rd and the Dallas Stars with the 4th.

The tournament will be interesting because home ice will not be a factor and neither will be momentum. It’s tough to ride momentum when teams have not played in over 3 months. The most talented team should prevail barring any key injury or sickness to top players.

My players to watch will be:

David Pastrnak who is a finalist for the Hart trophy and recorded 43 points for Boston before stoppage.

Nathan Mackinnon has been nominated for the Lady Byng Sportsman Award as well as the Hart Trophy.

Connor McDavid who has all of Edmonton on his back after a disappointing 2017 exit and has the help of Hart Trophy Favorite Draisaitl.

Pekka Rinne who has had some exciting playoffs moments, but now runs the risk of being benched for Saros. Will this light a fire for the Nashville legend?

Alexander Ovechkin the great 8 is a force and truly something to behold with the puck on his stick and he is also in the midst of a contract year.


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