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This Saints Draft Would Change EVERYTHING

The Saints and the YAC King seem like PERFECT combo in New Orleans. Photo Credit: @malachicorley IG
The Saints and the YAC King seem like PERFECT combo in New Orleans. Photo Credit: @malachicorley IG

Heading into the 2023 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints were seeking to rebound from a season that fell just short of the playoffs. Finishing with a 9-8 record, the Saints showed improvement from the previous year but still missed the postseason for the third consecutive time. With the departure of star wide receiver Michael Thomas and other significant players at key positions, the team’s need for dynamic playmakers is more apparent than ever.

In a mock draft tailored for the Saints, a dramatic overhaul appears to be the theme, with a clear focus on bolstering both sides of the ball. Here’s a our analysis of how the selected players could contribute to the Saints’ ambitions of a turnaround season. This mock starts with a move down from 14 to 20 and the acquisition of two picks in the 3rd Round. The best draft every for the Saints included multiple picks in the 3rd round producing stars like Alvin Kamara. In this mock we venture back into the third looking for game changing gems.

Round 1, Pick 20 - Byron Murphy II, Defensive Lineman, Texas

The selection of Byron Murphy II addresses the need for a powerful presence on the defensive line. With the ability to disrupt the pocket, Murphy’s addition could bring a new level of pressure that the Saints’ front has been craving.

Round 2, Pick 45 - Payton Wilson, Linebacker, North Carolina State

Wilson is a versatile linebacker known for his tackling prowess and coverage skills. He could immediately contribute to a linebacking corps led by the veteran Demario Davis, providing depth and athleticism.

Round 3, Pick 84 - Malachi Corley, Wide Receiver, Western Kentucky

Corley represents the playmaker at wide receiver the Saints have been seeking. His ability to stretch the field and create after the catch could complement the existing talents of Chris Olave, providing a much-needed spark to the Saints’ aerial attack.

Round 3, Pick 98 - Patrick Paul, Tackle, Houston

Paul could potentially shore up the offensive line, offering protection for quarterback Derek Carr, who had injury concerns the previous season. His size and strength are assets for the run game and pass protection.

Round 5, Pick 150 - Theo Johnson, Tight End, Penn State

Johnson offers an additional target for the Saints’ passing game, potentially filling the void left by tight end departures and providing Carr with a reliable middle-of-the-field option.

Round 5, Pick 168 - Luke McCaffrey, Wide Receiver, Rice

The younger brother of NFL star Christian McCaffrey, Luke adds depth to the receiving corps and brings a unique skill set with potential upside on special teams as well.

Round 5, Pick 170 - Joe Milton III, Quarterback, Tennessee

Milton is an intriguing developmental prospect at quarterback with a strong arm, adding depth and competition to the Saints’ quarterback room.

Round 5, Pick 175 - Kimani Vidal, Running Back,

Troy Vidal could contribute to a running back rotation that relies heavily on Alvin Kamara’s dynamic play. He brings a different style of running that could be useful in diversifying the Saints’ offensive playbook.

Round 6, Pick 199 - Brennan Jackson, Edge Defender, Washington State

Jackson could add to the Saints’ pass rush rotation, providing fresh legs and energy off the edge.

Round 6, Pick 200 - Frank Gore Jr., Running Back, Southern Miss

Gore Jr., the son of NFL legend Frank Gore, adds depth to the Saints’ running back group and could carve out a role for himself with his hard-nosed running style.

Round 7, Pick 239 - Jarius Monroe, Cornerback, Tulane

Monroe brings additional competition to the secondary and could contribute on special teams while developing as a cornerback.

This mock draft paints an optimistic picture for the Saints, aiming to supply them with immediate contributors and developmental prospects. Each pick seems to be carefully thought out to address specific needs or to add depth in critical positions. If these players perform up to their potential, the Saints could indeed be on the verge of a significant turnaround .

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They need something to change with all the moves in the NFC South. #NOLA

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