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Travis Hunter’s Recruitment is WIDE OPEN! He is NOT a Lock to Join Coach Sanders in Colorado.

While most speculated that Travis Hunter would go with Coach Deion Sanders to Colorado in a recent video Hunter posted on YouTube that he is not sure about committing to Colorado ( ) . He said if it's a fit for him then he would do it, but if it's not a fit then he would not go to Colorado. Travis Hunter's last few games showed his immense talent as he made one of the most incredible plays of the Celebration Bowl, with a only 7 seconds left in the game Coach Prime put the game on his shoulders and threw a fade to him in double coverage. Hunter beat the coverage and scored a touchdown to send the game to overtime. Coach Prime has used Hunter in the way that Hunter loves to be used as both an offensive weapon and a defensive weapon. Hunter also has a great relationship with Shedeur Sanders, as they've spent a lot of time together over the course of this season. Hunter also showed some areas where he needs to improve as Coach Prime talked about Hunter's need to "bulk up" ( . Southern University and North Carolina Central University wide receivers found success when going head to head against Hunter. Though Coach Prime warns teams to stay away from his side of the field. The Colorado weather and the social atmosphere may present some challenges for the Georgia native. Colorado has already suspended Deion Sanders Jr. from his role on their social media team after only a week, according to Deion Sanders, Jr. . Stating that his style of posting doesn't fall in line with the image they want shown to the general public. Hunter will still have plenty suitors as just a year ago he was the #1 Cornerback recruit in the his class. He was also a highly rated wide receiver. Teams like UGA, LSU, and even Alabama could all be in play for Hunter. He has said over and over how much he loves Coach Prime and when seeing him in the Jackson State locker room it was CLEAR how much loved the environment Coach Sanders created. It will be interesting to see where Hunter visits and how long he keeps the world waiting for his decision.


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