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UFC 298 Recap-Georgia on my mind.

Photo: UFC X
Photo: UFC X

A great card on paper, UFC 298 delivered, mostly. Outside of the Neal/Garry fight, each matchup was action packed and compelling. The Main Card kicked off with Roman Kopylov being submitted in the 2nd round via Rear Naked Choke by Anthony“Fluffy” Hernandez in a Lightweight battle.


Henry stung Merab with a left about 90 seconds in. Merab returned the favor with a hard slam and a right of his own. From then it was scrabble city as Merab got over excited as Henry hit the ground. A knee in the clinch by Cejudo ends Round 1.

10-9 Cejudo

Cejudo pushes the pace in the first minute. Then Merab starts landing. A beautiful duck under a hook by the Georgian leads to a takedown. Back on the feet, Henry shoots a single, gets kneed in the head, and goes to the ground.  The round ends with the former dual title holder in a guillotine while “The Machine” chops it up with Zukerberg cage side.

10-9 Dvalishvili

Merab’s Combo to a single leg doesn’t get Cejudo down but it does lead to a standing back take. Henry lands a hard leg kick. Grappling on the cage, Merab picks Cejudo up and walks him across the cage.  He then  slams Henry back to the mat  in front of Mark.

10-9 Dvalishvili

All three judges see it the same, 29-28 for Dvalishvili. Rogan announces in the cage he’s up next for the Bantamweight Title.


In Round One the combatants were trading back and forth. Punch for punch, leg kick for leg kick; then Whittaker turns up the intensity with jabs, combos, and hooks. Paulo lands a spinning heal kick in the closing seconds and almost stops fight.

10-9 Costa

Paulo picks up where he left off Rd 1 with head kicks and strikes. After an eye poke they continue trading shots. Whitaker counters, well with a one two. Does that multiple times in the round.

10-9 Whittaker

Roberts face battered and Paulo’s mouth was bleeding as they enter the 3rd. The first half of the round was technical as both men did lot of fainting.  Costa landed a couple leg kicks while Robert lands a hard right. “The Reaper”checked a leg kick while landing a jab that backs Paulo up.  Costa tries another spinning heal kick to get countered with a hard right.

10-9 Whittaker

Whittaker feels as if his loss to current champ Dricus Du Plesis should not stop him from getting a rematch. However he trust the UFC to make the best matches for him and would not turn down a fight with the man who DDP took the title from, Sean Strickland.

Volkanovski vs Topuria

Escorted to the ring by Mark Zuckerberg, Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski looked to prove the doubters who said he was too old and taking this fight too soon wrong.  Undefeated at Featherweight and walking like the champion he was, Alex looked to humble the brash young fighter who all but guaranteed victory.

The champ opens the fight, keeping “El Matador” at bay with leg and body kicks. Ilia counters with a low kick that spins Alex like a top. Topuria finally closes the distance & lands a 1-2. Volk responds with a good right hand.  In last minute Volk lands more low kicks as Ilia starts taunting him.

10-9 Volk

Topuria comes out swinging in Round 2, but can’t find the mark until he gets Volk on the cage and lands the 1-2.  Volk seemed to be taking control of the round until Ilia catches him on the cage.  He lands a hook to the body, follows up with straight shots to the head.  A right hook spelled the beginning of the end for Volkanovski. Ilia followed up hooks on the ground to claim the title for the Spaniard by way of Georgia.

A victorious Topuria discusses his KO victory with Joe Rogan.

He talked a big game and backed it up at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Undefeated and just 27 years old, the future is bright for the new 145lb champion, Ilia “El Matador” Topuria!


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