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A New Arena for MMA: Bellator Champion Series signs US broadcast with Warner Bros. Discovery

From SHO to HBO Photo: Bellator X

Warner Bros. Discovery Secures Exclusive U.S. Rights To Professional Fighters League’s New Bellator Champions Series

In a groundbreaking move that marks a new era for mixed martial arts (MMA) broadcasting, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) have inked an exclusive U.S. media rights agreement to bring the Bellator Champion Series to the forefront of sports entertainment. This partnership heralds the debut of the Bellator Champion Series, set to launch this Friday, March 22, promising to deliver a high-voltage mix of combat prowess and showmanship.

Image: PFL PR

Streaming exclusively on Max, Bellator Championship Series finds a home for fight enthusiasts in the US to view these events, accessible across all subscription plans. The inaugural season will unfold over eight events, each a global spectacle featuring world-ranked fighters and two title bouts, ensuring non-stop action and high stakes.

The series premiere at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, sets the stage for what is to be an international tour de force, with subsequent events like the Bellator Champions Series Paris at the Accor Arena. These events are more than mere competitions; they are showcases of regional pride and fighting spirit, with heroes of various nations battling it out for world championship glory.

Image: PFL PR

Expanding the Reach: TNT Sports and TruTV

Further amplifying the reach of Bellator, TNT Sports will broadcast a comprehensive suite of Bellator content throughout the year. This is not TNT's first foray into martial arts broadcasting as it aired One Championship cards. "One on TNT" aired in April of 2021.

This time, the "TNT Sports on truTV" programming block, will feature a robust lineup of fights, ensuring that the adrenaline of the arena is just a remote click away for fans.

Behind the Scenes: Max Docuseries

Complementing the live-action are two all-access docuseries premiering on Thursday, March 21. 'Fight Camp Confidential' and 'Fight Week' offer unprecedented glimpses into the lives of the fighters, from the grueling training camps to the final moments before stepping into the ring. These series promise to humanize the warriors, adding depth to the spectacle of the fights.

A Treasure Trove of MMA History

Max subscribers are in for a treat, with access to a treasure trove of over 300 past events and 3,000 fights, including legendary figures like Kimbo Slice and "Rampage" Jackson, and the journey of Bellator's own stars such as AJ McKee and Michael "Venom" Page. This extensive library serves not only as entertainment but as a chronicle of the sport's evolution.

Executives Weigh In

Peter Murray, CEO of the Professional Fighters League, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the significance of the Bellator Champions Series in meeting the insatiable demand for premium MMA content. Similarly, Josh Walker, Chief Financial & Strategy Officer at Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming, highlighted the strategic addition of the Bellator Champions Series to WBD's content portfolio, enhancing their offering with the excitement of live MMA.

Image: PFL PR


As the Bellator Champion Series prepares for its grand opening, it stands as a testament to the growing appeal of MMA and the vision of organizations like PFL and WBD. This alliance is more than a broadcast deal; it is a commitment to delivering high-quality, accessible MMA content to fans across the United States, enriching the sports broadcasting tapestry with the raw intensity and passion of the Bellator Champion Series.


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