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Cornerback with 40+ Offers, including LSU, Wisconsin, and Ole Miss, chooses #HBCU Jackson State

Most believed when Coach Prime took his talent to Colorado that Jackson State would lose luster in the eyes of highly recruited athletes. This young man is proving that hypothesis incorrect. Tristen Sion has received over 40 offers from schools all over the country including LSU, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Iowa State, Boston College, Wisconsin, and Colorado. However, he has chosen to take his talents to Jackson, Mississippi.

Sion talked to reporters about why he choose Jackson State. In his response he talked about how important is was for him to let the next generation of athletes know that you can make a big impact, and make it to the NFL from an HBCU. This young man is hoping to bring a lot of attention to HBCUs and talent. Recently he posted that he can’t wait to start recruiting for his next team. There is evidence of his recruiting skills on social media. When he initially committed to Massachusetts, to the surprise of everyone, he recruited another highly talented player and 3-star athlete Rico Watkins to Massachusetts. Currently on Twitter he is already working on Jackson State’s replacement at QB in Marcus Stokes.

Jackson State and the allure of the Vet will be a much easier sell than Massachusetts. We fully expect Sion to start attempting to bring in more talented Florida players. Another big question would be, if you’re from Florida and you are choosing to go to an HBCU, why not go to FAMU ? Well his visit to Jackson State turned the tide in his recruiting just like #TravisHunter a year ago. Will Sion be a difference maker in year one? Drop your comments below.

Hear Tristen talking to reporters here:


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