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NFC and AFC Championship Day

The day has come, the NFC and AFC Championship games. The four best teams in the NFL will go head to head to see who will be in the 2021 Super Bowl. Those teams are the following; Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All four of these teams want that gold trophy but who will win? After Sunday night two teams will be hanging up their Super Bowl dreams. The question is, who will those teams be?


Green Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

One of the most exciting matchups that analysis and fans can’t wait to see. The Goat vs Mr. Automatic. The Green Bay Packers have been the Kings of the North. The entire season. The Packers beat the Rams in the divisional game. Aaron Rogers is ranked 7th in yards with 4,299 yards. Rogers is ranked 1st in touchdowns with 48. The Packers' offense has been in sync all season. The connection between Rogers and DeVante Adams has been automatic this season. Aaron Jones has also been having an unbelievable season. The Packers' defense has improved with the signing of Damon Harrison. If the Packers’ defense can get to Brady, then the Packers will be one step closer to the chip.

The Goat is back in a championship game, however this time it is in the NFC. Tom Brady led the Buccaneers with possibly one of the best receivers in the NFC with Mike Evans. Tom Brady is ranked 3rd in yards with 4,633 yards. Brady is tied for 2nd in touchdowns 40. The Buccaneers have a strong offense but all eyes will be on the defense. Will they be able to stop Aaron Rogers for all four quarters? The Buccaneers' defense is dominant however, they are not strong for the entire game. The Buccaneers defense holds us for the first half of the game, however toward the 3rd and 4th quarter, they usually start to light up. That can not happen when facing the Packers, or they will go home.


Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs:

The last game of the day. The 2020 Super Bowl Champion Chiefs want to defend their title. However, during the divisional round against the Cleveland Browns, the Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes got injured. Mahomes is on his way to becoming the best quarterback in football. Mahomes is ranked 2nd in yards with 4,740 yards. He's ranked 4th in touchdowns with 38. During the game verse the Browns he was put on concussion protocol after taking a very dangerous hit. The Chiefs staff reported Mahomes felt as if he was “choked” not concussed. The decision was made that Mahomes will be playing in Sunday's game against Buffalo. The Chiefs dominating offensive is what put fear in all appoints hearts when they play against them. If Mahomes is 100% expect the Chiefs to put up a record number of points.

The Buffalo Bills defense could not be stopped last week against the Ravens. Holding a young talent such as Lamar Jackson to 3 points for the entire game is beyond impressive. The Bills' secondary has greatly improved from the last time these teams met. Josh Allen is ranked 5th in yards with 4,544 yards this season and he is ranked 5th in touchdowns with 37. Josh Allen has a secret weapon that changed the entire Bills offense and that is Stefon Diggs. Diggs one of the best wide receiver in the game this year. The connection between Allen and Diggs is shutting down teams left and right. The Bills will be able to go hand in hand with the Chiefs when it comes to racking up points. However, knowing Mahomes is not exactly 100%, the Bills defense can use that to their advantage.

The MTMV Analysis came up with their own predictions for the games today. Below are their predictions:

· Ric Sincere: Chiefs and Packers

· Jeremiah Thomas: Chiefs and Buccaneers

· ThaVoyze: Bills and Buccaneers

· Conrad Hilton: Buccaneers and Bills

· Nora Natish: Chiefs and Packers

The team has spoken. So now, the only thing left is to see how the games go. The Super Bowl contenders will be decided Sunday night. Let’s see what happens.


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