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NFL Week 17 Stars Shine Bright: AFC and NFC Players of the Week Revealed

In a thrilling conclusion to Week 17, the NFL has unveiled the standout performers from both the AFC and NFC, earning the coveted title of Players of the Week. The honor recognizes individual excellence and sheds light on the collective prowess and resilience of the respective teams.

To highlight a very familiar name to the list but ultimately desiring is the AFC's Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (QB).

Lamar Jackson's electrifying performance against a formidable opponent secured him the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback showcased his dual-threat abilities, amassing significant yards through the air and on the ground. Jackson's dynamic playmaking skills elevated him individually and underscored the Ravens' resilience in a critical late-season clash.

With the domination of the AFC, not only do they currently have the best players- some would agree, but they also have the best team currently in the league, which is the Baltimore Ravens, as they are gunning and doing everything in their power to get back to the Super Bowl. Although we have learned never to count a team out, it is very likely and favorable that the Ravens will take it all the way to Las Vegas this February this season.

Moving back to the topic of the NFL Players of the Week, being named the AFC or NFC Player of the Week is a prestigious recognition in the NFL. It signifies individual excellence and the crucial role played in securing a pivotal victory for the team. In a league teeming with exceptional talents, standing out amidst the competition showcases a player's impact and influence on the outcome of a game.

These weekly accolades barometer a team's overall strength and resilience. Lamar Jackson's recognition highlights the Ravens' ability to rally around their star quarterback, showcasing a balanced and dynamic offensive approach. As the regular season concludes and the playoffs loom on the horizon, individual achievements like these resonate beyond personal accolades. They serve as a testament to the team's collective character, highlighting the depth and versatility required for success in the competitive landscape of the National Football League. The AFC and NFC Players of the Week have not only earned individual honors but have become symbolic of their team's aspirations for postseason glory.

This is Dez Barnes of Pretty Girls Love Sports, a journalist on the MTMV Sports platform. She is a retired US Army veteran, professional cheerleader, pet mom, and avid sports lover. Feel free to follow her writings as she dives into the latest sports news! You can find her on all social media channels @PGLOVESPORTS.

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Hate my Broncos aren’t in this. That mid season run gave me hope.

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